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Let’s introduce ourselves!, we are Cesar and Consuelo and we have three children, María, Alejandra and Andrés. In 2008, we decided to send our 10-year-old daughter María, to a summer camp to learn English, but she refused outright, then, as bold as you like we decided to go all together to England that summer.

Once the country where to go was decided, and the number of weeks (two), the next step was to look for a wonderful day camp for our children as well as a cozy little house nearby. All that at an affordable price because we already know that everything for five adds up a lot.

I have to tell you that it was a complicated search without certainty because nobody in our environment could advise us, but as the saying goes “where there is a will there is a way”, and after deep searching we chose a spectacular camp in “Stowe School”, county of Buckingham (not Buckingham Palace 😊), and a super comfortable cottage on a nearby farm. We booked the flights, we rented a car and there we went!

It turned out to be a unique experience for everyone, exciting, fun, incredible, … everything we say is not enough… A true Erasmus family. In fact, we repeated a couple of times together with other families who were enthusiastic about our “English summer!

At the beginning of this incredible adventure, we thought that language was the most important thing, but we realized that it was not the only benefit. We got a lot more! We experienced the integration of the whole family in a different country, with a different culture, a country where people drive on the left side of the road , where the chocolate section in the supermarkets is huge, where kids eat cucumber sandwich where the camps are held in endless green areas, a country where you drink tea and eat cake, where you will find many anonymous singers in any corner and a long etc… What an incredible moment we experienced!

We met our new English neighbours and learned to appreciate all the good things of their culture while they learned from ours, we strengthened ties with many of them for the rest of our lives.

We were all happy and relaxed as we were together!

By sharing the experience with our immediate surroundings many asked us for help to organize their own Erasmus.

And here is where Gofamiling was born, a website that facilitates access to all the necessary information (camps, houses, logistics, etc.) ordered, valued and integrated, to hire all the necessary services to live this exciting family adventure.

In Gofamiling we know with certainty that the family Erasmus educates children in the understanding of other cultures and peoples, giving them a broader and tolerant perspective of the future, fundamental for a healthy and peaceful coexistence, and a better world.

“Sow good ideas in children, even if they do not understand them… The years will be responsible for deciphering them in their understanding and making them flourish in their hearts” -María Montessori-

Achievements made

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