Today, the concept of family travel is changing. It is nothing new that today families travel, but, do they travel to other countries ?, do families let their children to have fun in a local daycamp for a few hours? 

This new way of traveling is being implemented because it is highly enriching for the whole family. 


Our first choice was the English countryside 

What a spectacular summer we had back in 2009! 



That summer we decided to travel with some close friends and their children. We took all children to the same day camp from Monday to Friday.  

Our children enjoyed the countryside to the full with all kinds of activities: from hiking, horse riding and quad biking to kayaking, together with English children with who they  finally became friends. They never wanted to return home! 


We, parents also had great time together, we had time to relax and to get around together until we picked the kids up around 6 o’clock in the afternoon. Then we used to go to the supermarket to do the shopping and to discover different products that we did not have in Spain. Then we had dinner all together in one of the houses where we all coocked dinner . We had the best time ever, plenty of laughs! 


The picture was taken in Cambridge, in St Mary’s Street. That weekend we decided to visit Cambridge and to go sightseeing with the kids we also had a great time riding the “punts” ( boats incredibly difficult to drive, although they seem easy), walking around King’s College or visiting the place where Newton sat to get the inspiration for theory of gravity. 


No doubt, we must take advantage of those vacations when children are still  too young to travel on their own. For us, the best summer of our lifes. 

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