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How do I register my kid? 2017-07-01T17:43:22+01:00

If you would like to register for a day camp then you may register online at Gofamiling website. The registration form will include personal information and contact details of both parents and kids. Additional information on allergies, swimming skills may be requested too.

How do I pay?, what is the payment procedure?. What form of payment do you accept? 2018-06-24T20:08:46+01:00

You can pay online, on the website , and payment is expected at the time of registration.We accept Credit card via Stripe (secure payment method)

What is the Cancellation policy? 2017-07-01T17:47:24+01:00

On each camp description you will found the cancellation terms and conditions.

What if a want to change my reservation dates? 2017-07-01T17:48:42+01:00

On each camp description you will found the reservation date change terms and conditions.

Who will take care of the kids? 2017-07-01T17:50:12+01:00

Children will be supervised 24hours a day by trained summer camp staff according to each camp policy.

And if my child gets sick? 2017-07-01T17:50:43+01:00

If your child gets sick, each camp will act according to their terms and conditions policy.

Do kids eat at the camp? 2017-07-01T17:51:20+01:00

Depending on the selected camp, kids may have or may have not the option either to eat at the camp ot to bring their own food.

Are there any language level requirement? 2017-07-01T17:52:16+01:00

It is always better to have a mínimum language level in order to facilitate safety, though it is not a requested requirement for the majority of the camps.

Who brings and picks up the kids at the camp? 2017-07-01T17:53:01+01:00

Parents or person in charge are responsible for bringing and picking up the kids at the camp.

What’s included in the price? 2017-07-01T17:53:47+01:00

Each camp specify in their fact sheets what is and what is not included. Flights and accommodation are never included.

How will I communicate with my children in the camp? 2017-07-01T17:54:28+01:00

Each camp has it’s own communication policy that is specifed in their fact sheets. However, there you will find a contact number if you need to speak to your kid. It is general knowledge not to disturb during daily activities if it is not urgent.

What does my kid need to bring to the camp? 2017-07-11T13:11:49+01:00

Your kid has to bring everything that the camp specifies in its fact sheet.

What if my kid has allergies or special needs? 2017-07-01T17:56:23+01:00

It is parents responsability (or the person that has contracted the camp) to inform about allergies or special needs before their chilren go to the camp. Medicines, specific treatment medications with instructions should be notifed and brought to the camp.

How can I leave a comment on my “ familing” experience? 2017-07-01T17:40:11+01:00

Once you have finished your experience at the chosen destination, an invitation to leave your comment will be sent to you by email.

  1. Click to leave a comment.
  2. Evaluate your experience from one to five stars ( one star is the lowest score and five is the highest score) , fill out any mandatory information area, and leave a short comment on your experience.
  3. Click to save and continue.

Once we received your comment we will sent you out a confirmation email upon reception which includes your comment and a tracking number.

Before publication, we check that all reviews comply with our Review Policy and does conform with our content standards.

It is important to know that comments cannot be edited once they have been sent. Also the cannot be deleted once they have been published.


Gofamiling users are mainly families, so any content provided by any person in the family, of legal age, who has lived the “familing” experience, must be the correct one for our family community. Gofamiling understands by” family” a social group that are related to each other both by blood and by affective relationships.

Gofamiling will not assume any responsibility regarding the content published by the user as it express the subjective opinion of the user that does not have to coincide with that of Gofamiling. Neither will it verify its accuracy, veracity or legitimacy nor intervene as arbitrator in legal actions that could be derived from the content contributed by any user (for example falsehood, defamation..)

What if I want to leave a comment on a specific accommodation or camp? 2017-07-01T17:37:39+01:00

You can leave your comment both on the accommodation provider website and on the camp web page as well as on the Gofamiling website but always following the directions strictly marked by each provider.

Who should I address to if I have a problem or I need to ask something about the vacation home? 2017-07-01T17:32:18+01:00

All incidences or questions about the vacation home that you may have rented will have to be managed on the website of the provider that has give the service. Gofamiling has no responsability for this.

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