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The best holidays of our life.

Experiences that we will always remember! .

The feeling of loneliness and helplessness that led children to learn a language disappears with the concept of Gofamiling.

Learning a language for the first time it becomes a fun experience as it gives you the opportunity to make new friends practice  new sports and discover new places!.

These trips gave the necessary confidence to our children to study  abroad later on. Gofamiling is an incredible fun way to learn and understand other cultures,  other languages , and other people.

The funniest adventures we have lived as a family.  Each country is a new experience for all of us.


An amazing journey!

It is worth getting lost among the surrounding villages and discover the neighbors selling plum, cucumber, and bean harvests at their house doors … Almost all villages have a river that passes through , so there are many “coasts” and pubs with wonderful views to rivers where , if the weather is nice , you can enjoy a good beer and a nice meal, surrounded by ducks and swans.

Regarding the UK  driving, in 24 hours we were experts as if we had been driving that way all our lives !!

An unforgettable summer! Thanks Gofamiling for giving us the “push” that we needed.


A different way to enjoy family and holidays at an unbeatable Price.

Gofamiling gave us the opportunity to learn a different way of doing tourism at an incredible price.

We could never imagine that going  the whole family to England including round-trip plane, accommodation in a beautiful detached house and day camp for the children could be posible at such affordable price.

Our first trip was to the area of Suffolk county with the uncertainty of whether we would know how to get things done for ourselves, but by the second day we had everything under control!. From how to get to  our beautiful  cottage in Finborough to how to get to the day camp or finding ASDA supermarket at Stowmarket.

While our kids were at the day camp enjoying all sorts of activities, we discovered the area by visiting Cambridge, Southwold on the coast  or Bury St. Edmunds and returning on time to pick up our kids at the camp.

It was such a wonderful experience that we decided to enjoy it for a couple of years more.

It is the  perfect formula for kids at early age, where their first contact with children from  different countries who speak different languages is not considered a traumatic experience. They know you leave them at the day camp where they will enjoy their magnificent facilities while they play and learn with other kids. But also they know they will return home to mum and dad at the end of the day to keep enjoying the family. Our kids are now older and ready to spend summer holidays or even a year abroad alone.


A whole family experience to remember and to repeat… in another country! 

Our children are already asking for it!

We have shared many hours together with no rush and full of emotions.

Our children understood the usefulness of learning a different language.

We parents have enjoyed as a couple while our children lived and shared with children from other cultures.


Unforgettable holidays for everyone.

Our experience in the UK was fantastic!.

The children experienced a total immersion since they were the only foreigners in the school and they could practice and learn English in a dynamic way by sharing activities and games with local children. The school we chose was in Stratford Upon Avon, we had the opportunity to discover this fantastic city. The house was in a farm in the middle of nature with all the necessary amenities.

This formula is highly recommended to families with small children as it reinforces the contact with the country and the language while taking advantage the self-confidence got which is essential  if you plan to  send the kid alone in the future.


What a positive and wonderful experience!

My three kids had their first contact with local kids at the day camp. They were the only spanish kids in the camp!

They improved their understanding of english language while they played and made friends.

While the kids were at the camp I signed up for english lessons to “refresh” my english.

We lived in a comfortable house we felt like home.

What an incredible experience not to forget!


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