Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values 2018-10-23T18:58:45+01:00


Our VISION is to become the worldwide digital source for promoting real cultural immersion of families located abroad via an integrated, flexible and affordable vacation solution, where parents and children together enjoy a new and enriching international experience.

Although the scope of development is global, our priority is the european intra-european environment. In contrast to the different euro-phobos movements and exclusionary nationalisms, our activity focuses on promoting the construction of a true Common European Space based on mutual knowledge and appreciation between different peoples, and with scrupulous respect for their uniqueness and identity. We are inspiring, and are positioned as the first “ERASMUS FOR FAMILIES“.


We believe that the important thing is what unites us, even if we are different. In order to foster and promote a sense of unity, we put DIGITAL technology at the service of this cause so that the young families of the world will enjoy and learn to know their different “international neighbors”. This is possible thanks to the services offered by the best national and international suppliers, which are presented as integrated offer via GIS.

We distribute a wide range of quality holiday homes, the best day camps for children, travel logistics (flights, taxis and rental vehicles), insurance and other services for parents (language academies, sports, restaurants and other leisure offers), which allows the construction of a complete and personalized solution under the “do it yourself” format. Above all, we offer useful and permanent advice to minimize the risks and concerns of the family, allowing parents and children to participate in a common experience, highly rewarding, always oriented towards the internationalization of the individual.


We believe in – The simplicity of processes, Transparency in the relationship with Families, Suppliers and Shareholders, in Ethical Performance and Technological Excellence. The main asset of this project is an extraordinary Committed Team.